The art of Pin Up
In the second decade of XX century the art of USA has invented a completely new style, that has united drawing, painting and photography that was called pin up art at the end of thirties. To the main creators of this new style belong Rolf Armstrong (1889-1960), George Petty (1894-1975), Earl Moran (1893-1982), and Albert Vargas, who was the most popular. The birth and development of this typically American style occurred similarly to birth and development of the whole country. Its main characteristics are initiative, activity, interest and affection to their country and, finally the talent not only of the creators, but also of their followers (Zoe Mozart, Art Frachm, Gilette Elvgren, Donald Rust, Olivia de Bernardini and Jennifer Ionesco.
Pin-Up is a colorful image of an American girl with more or less of spicy details.
Pin-Up is a talented game with color, form and light.
Pin-Ups are the gifted girl-models, a lot of which have later become the stars of Hollywood (Norma Jean Baker Marylin Monroe, or Barbara Nichols). From the beginning of thirties till 1946 these models were more popular than the screen stars.
Pin-Up is a Dream Girl by Armstrong (1919), The Petty Girl by George Petty (1933-1956), Varga Girl. This image of a girl, created by Vargas, has personified for American soldiers things they wanted to keep in memory innocence and careless times. The cards The Pretty Girl and Varga Girl and pictures from the Dandy magazine were kept in the soldiers chests pined up to the lids hence the origin of name.
After the end of the World War II the government of the USA has rewarded Varga with a Medal of Honor.
Pin-Up are thousands of images and illustrations, created in a period between thirties and sixties. These pictures were reprinted millions of times on calendars, magazine covers, notebooks and plenty of other products. In the period of creation, printing and spreading of these wonderful images, a special world has originated in a country, that these young beauties have embodied. Every office, restaurant, theatre, club and cloakroom was decorated with these pictures.
Pin Up emerged from photography. George Petty and Albert Varga got acquainted with art in their fathers photo studios. Petty was a wonderful retoucher. They both have been correcting negatives and the photos as well they were painting them, as the color photographic film did not yet exist. Being a wonderful drawers and possessing a sense of color and shape , Armstrong, Petty, Moran and Varga were creating a painted photographs, using the abilities of pastel and watercolors.
In a hard period of life, Moran has painted two pastel images of the bathing girls, sized 30*40cm. and sent them to the Iowa State Calendar publishers and to Brown&Bigelow publishing house in Minnesota. He said, he didnt expect anything. But to his surprise the both publishers have invited him immediately. He chose B&B and made a favorable contract, with a condition, that he would work exclusively for them. By the end of the fourties he had been working with the best models he has always had plenty of them, the mail could not manage to bring letters and presents to him. But at the end of this period, the press has turned against him, began to publish different dirty storied, that have supposedly happened to him. Moran was even glad, he thought that the girls would stop coming. But he was mistaken the amount of them has even grown. The Pin Up artists have sensitively reacted to the demand. The social order has determined that the poses of the girls were becoming more and more risky.

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